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  • Crystal clear communication
  • Maximum transparency
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News Jan. 3rd 2021

First of all: Happy new year! We hope for the best for all of us and wish you and your loved ones all the health, luck and success in the world for 2021.

The new year also brings a few changes, especially for our beloved UK customers.

Good news first: After a short lockdown period we are finally able to ship to the UK again via DHL. Unfortunately, two problems occurred in the meantime.

1. DHL raised their shipping rates

As of January 1st 2021, DHL raised their shipping rates to the UK. Until the end of 2020, we were able to ship packages up to 2 kg for €14 to the UK. This rate has been raised to €27, as the UK is no longer part of the EU.

2. UK Customs Duty for imports from the EU

As of January 1st 2021, the UK raises Customs Duty on goods of a certain value that are imported from the EU. Anything under £135 seems to be duty-free, everything worth £135-£630 seems to be charged with 2.5%. There also might be VAT to pay. Please note that we are no experts on UK import regulations and therefore only can do so much on researching this stuff. Please check the UK government's website for more details: https://www.gov.uk/goods-sent-from-abroad/tax-and-duty

Now, what do we do with orders that were placed in 2020, but couldn't be shipped in time due to the lockdown that happened mid-December?

We will check every single order that is affected by this situation, meaning all orders from UK based customers that were placed between December 21st and December 31st 2020. If the items ordered have a margin that allows us to, we will completely cover the higher shipping rates without any additional costs for you.

However, there are some items that unfortunately have a pretty low margin, meaning that us compensating for the higher shipping rates would result in a financial loss. We can't afford this as of now, as we are still a small and growing business. In that case you would need to cover the higher shipping rate.

We definitely cannot compensate for the whole Customs Duty/VAT problem that stems from Brexit itself. There is no way for us to calculate the actual cost of it and compensate for that additionally to the higher shipping rates. We hope for your understanding.

In any case you are of course free to cancel your order for a full refund if any of the above mentioned circumstances do not suit your personal or financial situation.

If your pending order is affected by this, you will receive a personal email shortly in which we will explain the details for your specific order. Feel free to ask general questions in the comments or via our website at www.thecollectorsbay.de

News Nov. 1st 2020

The following figures are back in stock with limited quantity.

News Oct. 18th 2020

Since many people asked for it, you can now preorder the complete first waves of Studio Series 86 and War For Cybertron: Kingdom as a whole - at a reduced price compared to the single figures.


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